Togo, d’accord! On y va!

Salut mes proches!

Quelques nouvelles (Some news):

On June 6, 2016, I will be leaving Minneapolis to serve as an English and Gender Education (EGE) Volunteer for the following 27 months in Togo, West Africa. My responsibilities, en bref, include teaching English, bien sûr, and promoting gender equity and academic success through, though not limited to, partnering with teachers to co-plan lessons and improve teaching methods, running after school programs, etc. I could not be more excited for the opportunity!

The past five months have a been a flurry of shots, brushing up on French, paperwork, and time with friends and family. I have been savoring the change of seasons, the variety of restos in the Twin Cities, the convenience of a shower, a dynamite mini-van, and access to all the good wine my current place of work affords me. I know that all of these will soon be far from reach for a considerable amount of time, but on that note, I am looking forward to the heat-heat-heat of Togo, trying Togolese fare, bucket showers, a dynamite bicycle, and curing my short-term memory loss with crocodile/monkey head powder.

The Peace Corps has been on my mind since my first year of college. There is so much to learn about the world, and I am excited to move into my village and build relationships while teaching. Thank you for reading. I will do my best to keep you all informed on village-integration, local language learning, and pooping my pants for the first time since adolescence. From what I have been told, this is a near-guarantee, so stay tuned!


Quelques informations (Some information): 

Où est le Togo? (Where is Togo)

Sub-Saharan W. Africa wedged between Ghana to the West, Burkina Faso to the North, and Benin to the South. Voici une jolie carte: 


Profil du pays (Country profile)

Population: 6.3 million

Capital City: Lomé

Official Language: French

Religions: Indigenous beliefs, Christianity, Islam

Current President: Faure Gnassingbe Eyadema (2005-present)

Main industries: Phosphate mining, agricultural processing, cement, handicrafts, textiles, beverages



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