Impossible Bottle (2014)

Impossible Bottle (2014)

By Matt Barrett

Darling, my darling,

We’ve been stranded on air for quite some time.

A pair of steady, patient hands put us here to

Forever look on the world without taking part.

Darling, my darling,

Our lifeboat can get us nowhere,

But put on your vest for safe measure because we’re

Setting sail.

Darling, my darling,

Take the wheel while I swing the jib.

We’ll hoist the mainsail; that’ll do the trick,

Melville, Homer, this is goodbye.

By the way, you’ve both got some dust on your sleeves.

Darling, my darling,

You and I were meant for more.

We were meant to see the world,

And so we shall.

Darling, my darling,

Have you packed your things?

Your favorite oversized black shirt?

To wear as we reinvent ourselves over

Tiny French coffees and fresh bread?

Darling, my darling,

Are you ready

To dance it out on Spanish cobble?

For goat cheese and grapes?

And moonlit strolls as we explore all the crannies

At 2.

Darling, my darling,

Things will work out,

Exactly as you had imagined.

Darling, my darling,

We’re getting off this shelf.


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