friends a flockin, times a changin

My good friend, John, boarded the Megabus to Chicago 22 minutes ago. We arrived at 11:40 pm in the parking lot, the two of us together on Barry, my bike. We stuffed John’s backpack in one of the saddlebags, and John’s 40 lb, mustard-colored duffle bag, he wore on his back. His bus was scheduled to leave at 11:45 pm, which it was in the process of doing by the time that I yelled at him from the other side of the glass. That’s John for you–lucky in which everything seems to work itself out.

“God,” I said. “Have fun in Europe! This is your big European adventure!”

“I will!” he said.

And with the excitement and unique loss for words brought upon by the prospect of one’s first extended stay in Europe, we parted ways, nothing more needing to be said, other than this blog message that I’m sure he’ll find once he’s comfortably arrived and moved in with his host family.


This is your big European adventure!

“I hope you see things that startle you. I hope you feel things you never felt before. I hope you meet people with a different point of view.” Have some crazy experiences, my friend! I know you will, and this will be a time in your life that you’ll never forget!

Rock on, freaky bro!


Aside from John’s departure, it is surely a week of change on many different levels. Not only is my close friend, John, taking off for Spain, but my friend Andrew (Dear Friend) whom I met in France, is about to embark upon another year there to teach English! My friend Amy is headed off to China for a year, and my close, Italian roommate during my last two years of undergrad has recently been offered, and accepted, a job in Chicago with an organization known as Better Together. On a final note, another close friend who went with me to France, who lent me her broken umbrella to throw up in one unforgettable bus ride back from my first ever official beer pong tournament, in France! is beginning a new chapter of her life as a high school French teacher in Wyoming. She has a very evident knack for teaching and children, and will make an outstanding teacher, one that reinvigorates my faith in America’s worksheet n’ overhead education system.

Friends be a flockin’ and times be a changin’! Catch my drift? Catchin’ what I’m throwin’? Pickin’ up what I be layin’ down?

Tomorrow is my first official day at the elementary school where I will be a literacy tutor through AmeriCorps. I’ll be working with little kiddies, kindergarten through third grade, to make sure that they’re reading at grade level. Furthermore, I’ve found a job working at, yes, you guessed it, another French bakery in Minneapolis!

So much is changing. If I close my eyes, I see a colorful map of the world with my friends’ faces zooming around the globe, leaving a little dotted line behind them so that I can see them all branching out from the great state of Minnesota.

I’m loving it, though, all the change that is. They’re all going to have some really great new experiences.

Je pense à vous mes amis, ici aux Etats-Unis et partout dans le monde, en France, en Allemagne, en Chine! Bonne chance. Bonne courage avec vos aventures, et surtout bien sûr, il faut profiter!



2 thoughts on “friends a flockin, times a changin

  1. gros bisous a toi mon cher ami. ‘member when i told you your bisous were too fast? or did i just think that? ;)

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