To: My 32 Year-Old Self

To my 32 year-old self:

This is your 22 year-old self, and I want you to remember a few things:

A little over a month ago, you wanted a motorcycle. You printed off a DMV motorcycle manual from online that you read for 40 minutes and then walked out of the DMV that same day with a permit in your hand. You registered for a basic rider course two weeks ago, and two days ago, learned how to operate one for the first time.

In less than two weeks you managed to sell your car, and two days after finishing the course, you managed to purchase a used motorcycle that you dreamed would whisk you clear across the country as you ran your fingers across the bike’s white paint and yellow saddlebags.

You ran your mouth off every time anyone asked you what you were up to: “A great motorcycle adventure,” you’d say, and spent more time than healthy considering your finances and the monetary value in things rather than focusing your attention on those around you.

And you were freaking out because of how scared you were, how fast things happened, and how far off things had turned out from what you had ideally imagined.

But then you went for a run, and you remembered how good it felt to run in the evening as the setting sun is still warm on your back  and the cool  accompaniment of the approaching night. And you sat beneath a tree and realized that there is no true value in our things and that you already have everything that you need to be happy.

You called up a friend and remembered how nice the little things are throughout the day that we may not give enough attention. A French Quebecois by the name of John and his friend Robert introduced themselves to you because of your shared love for French. An older gentleman celebrating his 70th wedding anniversary came in and shared his story of living in Algeria for 2 years, and a little girl smiled at you because the straw you handed her for her water was received as an unexpected gift. You are lucky enough to work with 12 very interesting, intelligent, thoughtful, and kind women at a French bakery, and it didn’t rain today.

Remember this.


2 thoughts on “To: My 32 Year-Old Self

  1. You work at a French Bakery!? Amazing! (I worked at a bakery for the past year.)

    Also, this post has a really interesting/nice voice to it.

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