Our Beautiful Earth.

–A lot of gems on vimeo.com. If you have a few minutes, give this video a watch. The music is catchy, and the illustrations are comical, and profoundly disheartening.

Yesterday was the Occupy Lorentzen event that has been in-motion for the past three months. A video, created and edited by Steph Barnhart ’13, and a petition to “adhere to the college’s vision of sustainability” created by Empowered Students has been circulating throughout the Concordia College campus. The petition received 319 signatures from students and faculty, as well as, Bill McKibben–founder of 350.org, an environmental organization aimed at reducing the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide to 350 parts per million. The fact that this petition for a more sustainable Concordia found him is pretty incredible.

The demands outlined in this position are as followed:

1) Decrease carbon emissions by 30% over the next 10 years

2) Make energy use transparent to the campus community

3) Do feasible sustainability projects now (turn off lights, reduce heat, replace windows)

4) Include sustainability in the Offutt School of Business curriculum

Many students showed up in the student center to march over to Lorentzen, the administration building. All dressed in green and carrying handmade signs with slogans such as, “For Us To Gain We Must Sustain,” and “Integrate Sustainability Into The Offutt School of Business,” to “Sustainability Here Is A Broken Promise,” we made our way over to Lorentzen, filling the interior of the building with the sounds of our chants. Finally, various students who are part of the Empowered Students group outlined to our school’s President, Bill Craft, the four demands of the petition.

It felt really empowering to be a part of the movement. In the past three years that I have been a part of the Concordia community, I cannot recall another time that I have witnessed any other protest on campus, and I am proud to have been a part of it. It is encouraging to see how many of the Concordia community care. I hope that President Craft responds appropriately to our desires for the campus’ sustainability efforts. As Steph’s video outlines, “we must change our behavior if we want to stand out as a progressive, sustainable campus.”



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