Okay, time to go. À bientôt!

Last night was fun, perhaps too much fun. It was a good way to end things in Tours.

I am officially departing from my host family’s house this morning. Tomorrow morning, I hop on a train headed for Paris with my friend Nick. There we will stay with his cousin and his cousin’s girlfriend, visit Paris’ marché de noel, and I’d really like to visit Shakespeare and Company. I haven’t been there yet.

Saturday morning I head for Germany.

For those of you who are reading this that I will not see for a while, goodbye. It has been a pleasure and I will do my best not to forget all the good times that were had. I will miss you and this environment of international students.

Pour ceux qui lisent ceci, qui je ne vais pas voir pour longtemps, au revoir. C’était un plaisir, et je vais faire mes meilleurs efforts de ne pas oublier les bonnes expériences que nous avons eu. Vous allez me manquer, et également cette atmosphère des étudiants internationaux, et exceptionnelles, va me manquer.


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