My first official Christmas calendar

Have you ever had one? The better question perhaps is, “Did you/do you have the patience to wait each day to open the next door/window to retrieve the treasure inside?”

Maybe it’s a false memory, a created memory from something that I thought I was once told by my parents or a friend, or a scene from a film, but I vaguely remember having a Christmas calendar when I was younger. Whether this actually happened or is solely based on logic, I did, or would have eaten all the chocolates in one go.

“What?! No! But you have to have the patience to wait each day!”… or something like that, said my friend Ines.

My friend Andrew, from Georgia, also confessed that he had never properly experienced the joys of a Christmas calendar, not that he didn’t have the patience to wait each day (he is, by far, one of the most patient people I have had the pleasure to meet), he just never had one.

Well, now we both have one.

My first official Christmas calendar

Last Thursday, Andrew, Ines, myself, and a bunch of other international students met at a bar called Ailleurs to listen to our friend, Gabriele (I’m sorry if this name is misspelled), pronounced Gab-Ree-Ell-Uh (with an Italian accent) sing and play guitar.

Upon arriving, I was greeted by Ines with a bisou–the French kiss on each cheek, a smile, and this beautiful new calendar. It is difficult to see from the picture, but each present has been individually wrapped with a number attached corresponding to each day of the month.

Dec. 1: Vollmilch-Schokolade am Stiel!

chocolate santa sucker

I have been studying German over the past three months, and the translation of such a phrase should most likely be: chocolate Santa sucker with a picture on the wrapper of Santa eating a chocolate version of himself. Other words currently in my repertoire are:

1) Ein-coffen=grocery shopping

2) Ganza-hot=goosebumps

3) Vender-trappen=spiral staircase

4) Flammenkooken=flammenkooken

It is also worth mentioning what a talented musician Gabriele is. One only need look at his face for 2 seconds to understand how much he loves it. He was not in the bar that night, but off someplace else where everything is in-sync. It was a great time just having a drink, being with friends from all over the world, and listening to some good music. The following is a picture of him playing during a night of flammenkooken and galettes. You can see the effect his music had by the look on Ines’ and Davide’s faces :)


Tonight I am celebrating Thanksgiving with my host family. Expect a new post and more pictures soon!



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