A Poem

Finders Keepers

By Matt Barrett


I wanted it, so I took it.

I usually have more self-control than that,

But this time, I didn’t even think about it.

Would it get me into trouble?

Should I ask first?

Why do I want it?

I didn’t ask myself these questions like I do with

Most things,

But it was there, right in front of me.

Conditions were perfect.

In fact, now that I look back,

I would say that you tricked me into taking it.

You wanted me to have it,

Didn’t you?


I’m onto you now and those subtle hints,

They were actually,

pretty obvious.

The double-meanings,

Leaving it all over the place for me to find it,

and then playing stupid,

The map you left me with the dotted line to the “X”.

Well, I’m glad that you let me have it,

And I am grateful for all of the hints.

Honestly, I wasn’t really sure what you were trying to do,

But I see now.

I like it very much.


You can have my heart too.






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