Ocean, it’s been swell.

Last night was a mixture of restlessness, and some of the most bizarre dreams that I’ve ever had, even for dreams. I dreamed that my friend John had six arms, and appeared on the set of a music video at a school where he commenced to dance and embrace the rapper in a six-armed hug. I also had a dream that I was sitting atop the ocean at night, and it began to rise. I was lifted out of the water because I had been sitting on an enormous blue whale the entire time, and that whale began to fly.

I’m not sure how Freud would interpret the dreams I had last night, but I would guess that, from the first dream, experiencing a new culture might be strange and abnormal, but if you’re open to the new experience, you might just be embraced by it. As for the second dream, I have been sitting in the ocean my whole life, unaware that there was a flying whale beneath me the whole time that could take me into the sky.

My aunt told me, “This experience will change you.” I hope she’s right.

Ocean, it’s been swell.



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